Get started with NFT rentals

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How it all works?

1Rent an NFT

  • Browse our marketplace for an NFT you would like to rent.
  • When you rent an NFT for the first time, our protocol will create a Safe Account for you which will hold your rented NFT.

Tutorials:Tutorial: How to rent an NFT?

2Connect to your Safe Account

  • After renting, you can connect your wallet to to view your rented NFTs.
  • A Safe Account is a smart contract wallet which allows us to guard rented NFTs from being transferred out.

Tutorials:How to use a rented NFT (Mobile)How to use a rented NFT (Desktop)

3Use your rented NFT

  • After connecting your wallet to your Safe Account, use the WalletConnect functionality to connect to a game or protocol.
  • Any NFTs related to the game or protocol and held in this Safe Account can be used.

Learn How to use a rented NFT (Mobile)